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Welcome to Lighthouse Qigong® Resources Now Available.

These resources are aimed at supporting home practice for students who attend our weekly classes or those who have attended our instructional qigong seminars.

Your monthly subscription gives you access to our video clips (in MP4 format) for the sequences, plus a printable list of the names of the postures to download, with space to add your own notes. A download of our instructional manual for each sequence is available for an additional one-off purchase, plus a free description notes download.

Once you have subscribed you will be automatically directed to a “ NEW “ page.

Please “ SAVE “ that page to your favourites folder on your computer or mobile device.

If you are using an iPhone or iPad please Bookmark the page.

If you lose that link you will not be able to access the videos.

We highly recommend saving that page in your favourites folder on your PC or mobile device.

Please contact for any technical issues.

More sequences will become available as we release new content. We also reserve the right to remove content at any time for editing and upgrading purposes to improve your experience. Please note the videos are not downloadable and are the exclusive copyright of Lighthouse Qigong®