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Lighthouse Tai Chi ® Schools & Children’s Programme Programme

David and Helena are experienced instructors, fully qualified and insured members of the Tai Chi Union for GB; they are first aid trained and have many years of experience of teaching tai chi for primary and secondary education. Their teaching approach is friendly but disciplined, with a clear lesson plan and aims. The sessions are designed to be fun and motivational, to boost self-confidence, without being competitive or disruptive and we encourage the children to work together in a gentle way.

As a workplace activity, a tai chi also is a very cost-effective stress busting measure for teachers and staff. Inset day sessions for teachers and staff are also available.


We usually provide two half hour sessions with a member of school staff assisting to ensure any discipline or care issues are managed within school policies and guidelines. Tai chi is suitable for ages 6 to 18, with children usually grouped into a maximum of 2-3 years age range, to ensure appropriate session planning to achieve the best outcomes for the group.


The school or group can be provided with a certificate and a template for individual achievement certificates to issue to the children can also be provided.


Please contact us for a quote if you would like your school or group to try tai chi with us. We have a sample of our lessons for primary school age children on our YouTube Channel.


Tel: 0787 637 7321 or email lighthousetaichi@yahoo.co.uk

Weekly lessons, tasters and one-off sessions are available for primary and secondary schools and further education either as part of a wellbeing programme or a focus for themed activities: e.g. Chinese New Year, cultural diversity projects, healthy living and well-being days, or just to try something new

A weekly tai chi class in school provides an alternative to competitive sports and team-based exercise activities for children who may not engage with the regular physical education provision. Tai Chi improves balance, co-ordination and mental focus, while assisting the digestion, breathing and circulation. The smooth, controlled, mindful movements promote relaxation and stress-reduction, by encouraging a calm and focused mind.

It is increasingly recognized that children can suffer from stress as much as adults and this has a physical and psychological effect at any age. Tai chi offers a focussed, mindful activity to provide useful coping tools for children and teachers.


From our experience in both Primary and Secondary schools (references available), and with community-based activity groups, we have seen a consistent improvement in stress and depression related behaviours, which supports increased learning ability in the classroom, and on-going individual progress in the self-management of behaviour related problems by the children involved. The greatest benefits to children’s in-school behaviour have been after sessions are held in the morning or early afternoon.