Terms & Conditions for Seminars & Workshops

Booking conditions: only places booked and paid for in advance will be allocated. Places are allocated on payment only, first come first served basis. There will be no on the door sales.

Cancellation policy: Payments are non-refundable unless the event is cancelled. You may sell your place to someone else and inform us of the name change, without cost. If LHTC manage to re-sell your cancelled place, there is a £5 admin fee. If we cannot re-sell your place, there is no refund.

What to wear: wear thin soled sports shoes without strong grip on the bottom; such as standard pumps or plimsolls. Trainers are not suitable. LHTC accept no liability for injury caused by inappropriate footwear or clothing. Clothes should allow you to move freely without tangling your limbs or body. Trousers, leggings or shorts with a t-shirt or sweatshirt style top are best. Dresses and skirts are not suitable. Any clothing considered immodest or with offensive writing or imagery is not allowed.

Please avoid the use of strong fragrances and be aware of your personal hygiene. Dangly necklaces, bracelets and earrings may interfere with your movement. We accept no liability for loss or damage to your possessions.

If you are under medical supervision for a heart condition, please provide  a recent doctor's letter confirming your fitness to take part. You must be physically, emotionally and mentally able to take responsibility for yourself.

Behaviour: students are responsible for their own behaviour. Disrupting the seminar or preventing others from learning or enjoying the seminar is anti-social behaviour and will result in immediate exclusion without a refund.

Copyright: all printed and visual material provided at our seminars is the exclusive copyright and intellectual property of Lighthouse Tai Chi® Copying and sharing this material without our permission will result in legal action against you, to protect our intellectual property.