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Safety Guidance:

  1. Please make sure there is enough space around you to move freely without bumping into others.
  2. Keep the knees aligned with the centre of the foot to avoid strain
  3. Make sure that you can see and hear the instructor at all times.
  4. Do not do any move that hurts or you think will affect any condition you have.
  5. Work to 70-80% of your natural, comfortable range of movement until you have more experience.
  6. If you feel unwell, please stop participating and tell the instructor.
  7. If you arrive after the warm up has finished you will not be allowed to participate for safety reasons

If you are under medical supervision for a heart condition, you must provide a doctor's letter confirming your fitness to take part. You must be physically and mentally able to take responsibility for yourself or attend with a qualified carer.

Weekly session place allocations and bookings: only Pendle Leisure Trust and Bury Leisure currently have a booking system. At all other sessions, places are allocated on a first come basis. We accept no responsibility for the place allocation or booking systems of our clients. We recommend clarifying this with the venue you attend and early attendance to be sure of a place. There is a limit on the number of spaces available at each session depending on the size of the room and the insurance regulations for instructors’ liability. This is also for your safety and the effective delivery of our teaching programme.

Our register of names is for insurance purposes only and does not means you will be guaranteed a place. This information is kept in accordance with current GDPR regulations.

Behaviour: students are responsible for their own behaviour and are expected to conduct themselves in a well-mannered and courteous fashion at all times. Disrupting the session or preventing others from learning or enjoying the session is an anti-social behaviour and the student will be asked to leave. Students are expected to learn tai chi with people of all ages, backgrounds, abilities and cultures. It is never acceptable to make another student feel uncomfortable or unwelcome.

Students will be banned from the class if they:

Data Protection:

There is no database of your personal records and your phone number is not registered in our phone. All information is stored in line with current UK Data Protection. No information is shared or sold to anyone else. All records are kept as confidential. We will use your email address to contact you about the tai chi sessions, invite you to LHTC events and to send you learning resources. You will receive a welcome email. You may request to be removed from our email list at any time. Please note we are not responsible for any emails as a result of illegal access to our files.

Lighthouse Tai Chi® Lighthouse Qigong® and Lighthouse Aqua Tai Chi® are Registered Trade Marks. The use of the name Lighthouse is prohibited for all the UK fitness industry sector unless specifically granted under our licence. All our documentation, handouts, images and video clips are the copyright of Lighthouse Tai Chi®

Seminars, workshops and events additional T&Cs

Booking conditions: only places booked and fully paid for in advance will be allocated. Places are allocated on payment only, first come first served basis. There will be no on the door sales. Payments are non-refundable.

Cancellation policy: you may sell your place to someone else and inform us of the name change, with no fee or cost. If LHTC re-sell your cancelled place, there is a £5 admin fee per person. If LHTC cannot re-sell your place, there is no refund.

Copyright: all printed and visual material provided at our seminars is the exclusive copyright and intellectual property of Lighthouse Tai Chi® Copying and sharing this material without our permission will result in legal action against you, to protect our intellectual property, and a life-time ban from our seminars, classes and events

Lighthouse Tai Chi®     Terms & Conditions

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